The Plc-Lab Toolbox contains high-quality tools for analyzing, connecting and optimizing your machines.


The no.1 Industrial IoT Analysis Software for machine manufacturers. Use Plc-Lab in combination with our Industrial Gateways, Converters, Loggers and Plc Libraries for optimum productivity of your developers.

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Industrial Gateways

Machines are becoming increasingly 'connected', the choice of cloud platforms, databases and protocols is large. Our Industrial Gateways offer a fast, reliable and user-friendly solution.

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Industrial Converters

A variety of protocols are used in industry, while the Internet of Things works with other protocols. Use our converters to easily connect both worlds.

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Industrial Loggers

Logging data, locally or in the cloud, offers major benefits. Our Industrial Loggers connect to your machine via various protocols. Use Plc-Lab for fast and efficient analysis of log data.

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Plc Libraries

Open Source Plc Libraries for streaming data, with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

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