IIoT analysis software
for machine manufacturers

Maximum productivity of developers,
during engineering, commisioning and support

Plc-Lab Scope

Plc-Lab is made for developers. Discover how you can stay one step ahead in a rapidly changing industrial world.

Graphic performance

Plc-Lab is able to visualize large amounts of data at lightning speed.

Data visualization

Choose the visualization that best fits your data, analogue values as trends and enums as text.


Get a quick and easy insight into the timing of your machine.


Use Global Cursors to display a data reference within all views.


The Scope Tooltip immediately shows the most relevant information of an event.


Plc-Lab offers powerful search functions that are available within all views, even in the Scope.

Download the latest Plc-Lab distributions immediately.
Still not convinced? discover all possibilities in the documentation.

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Advanced Camera Integration

Easily connect, trigger, record and analyse a wide range of IP Cameras.

Flow Based Project Editor

Create Routes for publishing realtime data, logs and video files to the cloud.

Easily connect with machine and cloud

Plc-Lab supports various protocols to connect to the machine, directly or indirectly via the cloud.

The Plc-Lab API makes it possible to add your own protocols to Plc-Lab.

Why Plc-Lab?

Machines are becoming increasingly complex and software plays an increasingly important role. As a result, developers nowadays spend a large part of their time on tracking down and analyzing errors.

An analysis tool with the right combination of properties is of great importance in the development of new machine controls. Existing solutions fall short of a number of vital components.

Analysis tools by Plc manufacturers Historians, SCADA, Cloud solutions Plc-Lab
Advanced analysis features  
Plc independent
Accurate ( < Plc cycle)  
Continuously record large number of variables
Efficient data communication & storage  
Graphic performance  
System requirements

What our customers say

We value our customers feedback, here’s what some of our customers say about our work.

Customer A

New developments in the industrial field are going at a very high rate, leading to increasingly complex machines and controls. Plc-Lab gives our developers maximum insight into the most complicated problems, this enables us to provide our customers with highly innovative solutions.

Customer B

Our company is at the forefront of the development of new production processes and technologies, for which we work together with the top from the Dutch industry. During the development of a new complex machine we became acquainted with the Plc-Lab Analysis software, the use of this software has led to a higher quality, in a notable shorter time.

Customer C

Our machines are known for their high-quality controls. By using Plc-Lab, we have been able to drastically reduce the number of required engineering and support hours. This has given us a major lead over our competition.

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