Industrial Loggers

Log large amounts of data, efficiently and accurately.


MQTT is a machine to machine (M2M) IoT connectivity protocol. Within IIoT, MQTT is a widely used protocol for connecting machines to the cloud.

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OPC Unified Architecture is a machine to machine communication protocol for industrial applications. The majority of Plc manufacturers offer OPC UA support.

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Our open source log library makes it possible to stream large amounts of data, with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

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Siemens S7

The S7 communication protocol makes data exchange with Siemens S7 Plc's possible and is supported by default by all Siemens Plc's.

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Modbus is an open communication protocol developed by Modicon (Schneider Electric) and is supported by a large number of Plc manufacturers.

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EtherNet/IP is one of the most popular industrial protocols in the United States and is used in a large range of industries.

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